Events at Lab

◆Lab meeting (every week)

Each lab member demonstrates the progress of his/her project to obtain feedback/advice/information/critisism from lab members. Language: English (except undergraduate students).

◆Journal club(every week)

Every week, one lab member introduces a new paper (published within one year). Any research field paper is OK. Intensive introduction and detailed explanation on experimental conditions are indispensable. Also, mind the quality of the paper. Language: English (except undergraduate students).

◆Lab hike (once per year)

Traditional lab event since 2003 (London time). Walk along a 8-12 km course in the nature. Sometimes quite tough.

◆Drinking session

Irregularly held for welcome party, farewell party, paper acceptance, grant acceptance, Christmas, etc.

Club Activities in Yasu Lab

○Athletics club (Yasu, Savanna, Yusuke)

Participate in the race (e.g. 10 km, half marathon)

○Mahjong club (Yasu, Tanimu, Shingo, Suzuka)

Enjoy intra- and inter-lab games. Yasu is quite strong.

○Diet Club (Yasu) Under recruitment of participants

○Wave Club (Yasu) Under recruitment of participants

Since undergraduate student time, Yasu has been obsessed by the idea that cells should communicate with each other via a certain type of ‘wave’. If you join this club, while discussing with Yasu, you will search for the identity of the ‘wave’. It remains uncertain if Yasu’s idea is correct, despite the strong belief of Yasu.